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About me

Who is Danny Pessy?

from top earner to top trainer & Speaker

From former comedian in Hollywood to staple in the direct selling industry, Danny has over 16 years of door-to-door sales and leadership experience. 


Averaging over 300 alarm accounts a year for over a DECADE, Danny has earned his stripes in the industry. With nearly 4000 alarm systems sold door to door, there is less than a handful of people who have accomplished that type of personal production. In management and leadership, Danny has recruited and managed over 100 million in accounts sold. 


Danny was one of the first reps in the industry selling alarms then adding solar (pioneered in the brief 2016 Vivint Inc + VSLR partnership). He personally sold 80 deals in his first few months selling and managed over 300 solar installs in 2020.

Since transitioning to solar Danny has started and co operated the largest solar private coaching group. In a 40 day competition ran by Danny, A group of less than 100 solar pros sold over 1200 sales during that period.


Now focused on up-leveling the solar space through authentic training and humanitarian work, Danny seeks to help the solar adoption rate in the United States 10x over the next 10 years. 


What my clients say

"Part of our success has come from partnering, that's hardware, that's software, that's also leadership people. Pessy has been one of our consultants for the past year... thank you for helping us grow and build Lumio to where it's at.
Greg Butterfield
Owner Lumio
It’s already hot in Arizona, but Danny Pessy brought the heat to the desert when he came to train with my company, Fusion Power. Danny created an interactive, memorable training experience focusing on creating urgency at the customers’ door, overcoming mental blocks we face each day in our industry, and creative ways to break preoccupation to open the solar conversation. I highly recommend hiring Danny to train and consult with any solar sales team across the nation.
Tyler Mcallister
Owner Fusion Power
"Saw an IMMEDIATE uptick in our sales, believe it was double our sales the next month... we also did a recruiting exercise were we were able to, if I believe recruit 15-20 people on the spot...."
Cody Caplinger
Owner Click Solar

There is no success without successors

I had my time in the spotlight and now it’s yours. I’ve given my life to the solar community and it has given back. I love and appreciate all of you.


Any Objections?

Any time you invest in your business it can be scary. The information I give you will be an investment but it will yield returns for as long as you implement it. This material has been crafted over 16 years of in-field experience. Here are some frequently asked questions to help:

Yes. When you login you will have your company name, logos, and branding. You will be able to customize your content, feeds, and groups in addition to track and receive progress reports on your employees.

Yes. We have an advanced archive system that allows you to keep and rewatch all trainings you pay for.

Yes. Your system is just that, YOUR SYSTEM. In addition to the training content, we can customize it with any material your company has.

Yes. You can participate in as many events as you book.

If you complete every course and are not satisfied with your investment, we have a 30 day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

No. We do not allow refunds on any events, or bookings. However your purchases and tickets are transferable. (training platform excluded)


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